Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shame on you DBKL

Animal torture chamber

By Darshini Kandasamy

February 05, 2009

Barbaric. There is no other way to describe the inhumane manner in which, if found to be true, animals were allegedly put down at a local council-run animal pound in Setapak: cats were drowned and dogs strangled.

Malay Mail was alerted to the alleged monstrosity taking place at the Kuala Lumpur City Hall pound, located at Air Panas, by a member of the public. She claimed to have seen council staff dunking cats in water to drown them and dogs being strangled to death.

She was present at the premises as she had brought her pet to the neutering clinic of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) which operates within the City Hall premises.

Checks with SPCA yesterday revealed the organisation did indeed receive the same complaint on cruelty on Jan 24 and stated they were in touch with the complainant to gather more details of the alleged incident.

It was also learnt that SPCA received a similar report by someone claiming to have seen a dog being strangled at the premises last November.

In the latest report received by the non-govermental organisation, the complainant claimed that the incident happened before 8am while she was waiting for the clinic to open at 9am.

SPCA stressed the incident in question did not involve any of its staff and that although based within the City Hall premises they were a separate entity.

"Ours is a dedicated, low-cost, highly subsidised neutering clinic set up by SPCA with the support of City Hall as a long-term, cost-effective and humane solution to the growing stray population crisis.

"The City Hall Dog Pound is where the dog (and cats) caught by the council are housed temporarily, before being claimed by their owners or euthanised by council staff," said SPCA public relations and marketing department assistant manager Jacinta Johnson.

Jacinta said SPCA had since written an official letter to City Hall’s health director asking for an explanation over both incidents and was in the midst of investigating the case.

She said all councils have been supplied with the Department of Veterinary Services’

"Guidelines on catching and exterminating stray dogs (2008)" yet SPCA continued to receive reports from members of the public on inhumane practices by local councils.

KL Mayor outraged

Kuala Lumpur Mayor Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail was outraged and vowed to investigate the matter thoroughly.

He said a life, even that of an animal, must be respected and the strangling and drowning of dogs and cats was not the way to euthanise them.

“If true, that would be very cruel and City Hall is taking a serious view of the matter. Even for a prisoner on death row, we cannot simply strangle him as there are guidelines to follow. “


Rzeznik Janczyk said...

when we are in Malaysia, where dogs are treated like scum by the authorities as the dogs are some kind of forbidden animal, i can bet my balls to say 'EVEN WHEN THEY SAY INVESTIGATION IS GOING TO BE CARRIED OUT' they won't do anything about it and just continue torturing those poor animals. Didn't your parents didn't teach you to be kind to all living things? or you scums are just too daft to know it

Hefab said...

Is there something that we can do to get the press attention to look into the cruelty done to these animals seriously...are there any international bodies that can do something about this???

Yang said...


It did get press attention from TV3 to newspapers to malaysiakini to forums to blogs.

The best way to get more attention is to take action, not sitting at home clicking here and there.

Many had commented and being alleged yet most of them do not take action i.e. attend physically for the protest.

I'm sure with a larger volume of people during future protests will definitely pressures the relevant parties much more.

As for now, they had been ignorance and even dare concludes that all these are "overrated hooh hah", denied that the dogs is alive while being dragged, claims the dog was dead. But the video clearly showing the dog is still BREATHING!

Now they block up the view at the very same spot the video had taken. Obvious sign that they prefer to cover up than actually solving and prove a point.

SAD + ANGRY, end of my comment!

Emeryn said...

Oh god, it's always been said that investigation will be carried out. But after that? what's the end results? there's no news of it... It will be forgotten after some time.

I really hope that 1 fine day, the government really show us the action taken as a warning to others. Else, same history will be repeated again, anytime soon.

mou meng said...

i actually love dog meat. om nom nom nom. tasty

Stephanie Anne Arasu said...

Absolutely disgusting. Our nation should only be ashamed. Survival of the fittest does not mean nor condone cruelty and moumeng, I've only 1 thing to say to you - Yuck!

Ahiruhachi said...

Mou Meng, people like you WILL burn in hell. Making fun at a scene of a sad tradgedy? Wait til a tradgedy happens to your family and someone makes fun of it. I'll be the first to laugh it off you face!!

Subhas said...

I am ashamed that there are people in my country who treat innocent living creatures so cruelly! What is the point of gloating over the Petronas twin towers , when we dont have basic human values. I hate such people !

Quiet Nomad said...

It would be really good to hear updates to your very important blog. Malaysia needs more people like you who are willing to make public the routine cruelty towards animals there.