Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Relieved: Marmaduke smiling for the camera shortly after his rescue.
Marmaduke with his head bandaged resting at the MNS office before being sent to the vet.
Friday April 4, 2008
Loving home sought for Marmaduke
Colleagues Suzane M. Samy and Ravinder Kaur had the shock of their lives when they went to work on Monday morning.
The Malaysian Nature Society employees were greeted by the sight of a scrawny male dog bleeding profusely from the ear at the entrance of their office located at Federal Hill.
“It was about 8.40am and the first thing that we did was to take the dog around to the other side of the office so that our Muslim colleagues could enter the premises,” said Suzane.
By then, another colleague, June Rubin, had joined them, and the trio fed the dog and found the source of the bleed.
“The inner flap of one of its ears was torn and we managed to bandage the wound before taking the dog to a veterinary clinic in Brickfields,” said Suzane.
The dog has since been named Marmaduke and will be boarding at the veterinary clinic until Sunday before it is relocated to a Buddhist temple in Puchong.
“We feel that Marmaduke was either abandoned by his owners or had wandered away from home and could not find his way back.
“But we do hope his owners or someone would take him in as we feel that it would be better for Marmaduke to belong to a family,’’ said Suzzane.
She said another colleague, Sonny Wong, had approached the temple and its administration had told them that they could keep the dog there provided they supplied its food and gave it a regular bath.
Suzane said she believed that Marmaduke belonged to someone because of his impeccable manners as well as his genteel ways.
“He is a very loving and warm dog and because of this, we think that Marmaduke is used to being around people who treated him well,” she said.
Marmaduke, which was reasonably clean when found, also had well-kept nails.
Suzane and her friends have vaccinated Marmaduke, which has fast recovered from his harrowing ordeal.
Those who know Marmaduke or want to give him a loving home can call Suzane

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